Gen1 Enhanced PlasmaBlock® Products

Gen1 Enhanced PlasmaBlock® Products

Product Summary

Across the board product upgrade, all future Plasma Block® orders will  migrate to Gen1 Enhanced internals. The internal changes in the Gen1 ozone blocks result in improved oxygen flow and less contamination sensitivity. Customers should experience a longer service life with this line of products. Optimum performance is at 10psi or less.

Product Details

Design Features 

  • Across the board product upgrade, all future PlasmaBlock Gen1 orders will migrate to Gen1® Enhanced internals.
  • Improved Oxygen flow.
  • Less contamination sensitivity.
  • PTI warranty.
  • Ruggedized internal construction.
  • More durable in adverse environments.
  • Longer service life.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Optimum performance at 10psi or less.
  • Reduced sensitivity to under performing concentrator.
  • Same operating pressure, same power, same package, same price.
  • All product external dimensions remain the same.