60g @ 5% PlasmaBlock® Dual Cooled (Air and Water)

60g @ 5% PlasmaBlock® Dual Cooled (Air and Water)

Product Summary

Same mid size block as the 60g air cooled with a water cooling plate added for additional heat dissipation and related ozone output. Same chassis as the 60g air cooled unit. No outside cooling air is needed since the water and fan removes heat from the enclosure and it's block.

Product Details

The added cooling of water plus enclosure heat removal provides a unique feature over the standard 30g
air-cooled unit. More ozone output (60g vs 30g on a standard 30g chassis). No outside cooling air is
needed since the water and fan removes heat from the enclosure and it's block. In a normal rugged
environment it can be placed in a sealed enclosure with no outside air or filters needed, which
also means less maintenance. Cooling is not sufficient to accomodate a concentrator in the sealed

For added application information, see the PlasmaBlock® Application Guide manual.

Models Available

Refer to - Configuration Options Summary Sheet

  • Silent, Rugged, Reliable, Cost-effective, Compact and Light Weight, Ceramic,  Air-cooled and power-Efficient.
  • 1.3 lbs/day at 7.7% and 3 LPM : 3.6 lbs/day at 4.2% weight and 15 LPM (Oxygen or Concentrator).
  • No exposed high-voltage safety hazards.
  • Precise ozone control using Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) via potentiometer, 4/20ma or 0-10vdc.
  • Precise Control with Turn-down to  1%.
  • Useful pressure range:  5 – 100 psi. (sweet spot - 20psi)
  • Now available with PlasmaVIEW® software (optional).

Design Features

  • Advanced cooling ability.
  • All high voltage is safely contained completely within the Plasma Blo3ck© thereby eliminating shock hazards and dirt buildup which can cause dangerous flashover.  High-voltage wiring is booted and all metal grounded.
  • Advanced design eliminates the possibility of ozone leakage from the body or fittings.  The only ozone leak possible is at the customer tightened ozone fitting.  All non-metal materials are ozone rated.
  • Military grade conformal coating eliminates problems associated with condensation and mold as well as greatly retarding damage caused by accidental ozone exposure.
  • Directly installable by UL 508a panel house.
  • Micro Channel® design results in high concentration, reduced high-voltage levels and more efficient operation.  Requires concentrator or bottle feed of at least -60°F dew point, filtered, positive pressure oxygen.  Materials in the gap are:  ceramic and aluminum..
  • Ideal for ‘over the road’ .applications.  Instant ON ozone production – no warm up time.
  • Precision machined aluminum block eliminates inefficient hot spots and facilitates operation at high pressures, as well as vacuum ride through.  Only 1 psi drop with 10 LPM. Flow.   As with any cell, the most predictable performance occurs in the positive pressure domain..  Maximum pressure 86 psi. , certifie by UL at 5X rating.
  • Ozone level automatically controlled to ± 1% from 85 to 130vac; or 170v to 260vac depending on model.
  • Pre-mounted, seasoned and tested package sub-system, which includes cell, transformer, inverter and fan.  Design uses the finest quality material and machining for maximum performance and efficiency.
  • The Inverter is a reduced power version of PTI’s popular SSD110.  All control and interface features of the SSD110 are available in this product.
  • 23 kHz operating frequency for silent operation.
  • Line voltage 120v or 240v, 50/60hz.
  • Inlet 3/8", Outlet 3/8”  both Stainless Compression are standard;  1/4” or 1/4” NPT on request.
  • Water connections 3/8" OD.
  • Pre-seasoned, calibrated and pre-adjusted to customers’ individual performance needs.  Ready to install.  Rigorous 100% performance as well as burn-in tests of all electricals, are conducted to ensure the highest level of product quality, reliability and consistency.

Configuration options 

PTI will set up and tune units to the customers desired specifications.

Oxygen pressure - (5 - 86 psi) (UL 5x rated)
Oxygen flow liters/minute - ( .1 - 20 Lpm) or equivalent SCFH
Heat load btu/hr = 1700
Inlet fittings (none, 1/4", 3/8", 8mm, 10mm, other)
Outlet fittings (none, 1/4", 3/8", 8mm, 10mm, other)
Weight Lbs (Kg) :19.4 (8.81)

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DAT210 is the standard control circuit board for this unit.

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Installation Drawings

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overview 2 fan
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