10g - 20g @ 5% PlasmaBlock® Air Cooled

10g - 20g @ 5% PlasmaBlock® Air Cooled

Product Summary

The smallest Plasma Block unit. Available with a regular (PCB on the side) or alternate (PCB on top) mount. Regular mount has connection ports (oxygen in, ozone out) on top, alternate mount has ports on the side. The 10/20g chassis is a miniature version of the 50g unit.

Product Details

For added application information, see the PlasmaBlock Application Guide

Models available
Refer to - Configuration Options Summary Sheet

Fully automatic tuning for constant ozone output and installation simplicity 
Service simplicity due to automatic fault diagnostics
Silent, Rugged, Reliable and Cost Effective
No exposed high-voltage safety hazards
10g and 20g models in same chassis
Now available with PlasmaVIEW ® software (optional)

Design Features

  • 10g, 5%, 2 lpm, 5 psi.    20g, 5%, 4 lpm, 5 psi.  
  • Directly installable by  UL 508a panel house,
  • Full-Auto and Semi-Auto modes hold constant power over the entire pressure range:   5 - 100 psi.  From package to process with no setup or adjustments required.  Continuously tracks and automatically optimizes performance for changes in pressure, flow and line voltage. 
  • Universal, world class product.  Constant ozone output and cooling: 100 – 240vac, 50/60hz, power factor .94-.99 across the entire working voltage and power range.   Power supply is UL / CSA / CE approved.  NO line voltage configuration jumpers – any voltage, any frequency;  same unit.
  • Efficient, compact, silent (25khz), safe, rugged, reliable, advanced – all the normal traits of a PTI product.  Same precise linear control, with turn down to 1%, as all Plasma Block products.
  • Maximum up-time , durable, commercial / industrial solution the ozone industry requires.
  • Possible cell flooding is identified followed by shut down and enunciation.  No damage is caused to electronics, transformer and rarely the cell.  Cell flushing and drying in the field is usually sufficient to restore full service.
  • Extensive two tier fault enunciation maximizes up-time and simplifies service diagnostics.  Latched fault indicators retain fault status until serviced.
  • This Gen2 cell is a scaled down version of PTI’s field proven 50g product which is virtually impervious to extremes in temperature, vibration and pressure.  Major savings are had due to its low energy use, low oxygen volume needs and competitive price.
  • The control electronics is accomplished via Plasma Technics® new DAT300 or 310 microcontroller based inverter board.   This state of the art controller yields a simpler user interface and many new features intended to further increase up time and simplify installation and troubleshooting.
  • Control connections of the essential I/O functions are the same as all other Plasma Block products.
  • PDM, Voltage and Frequency potentiometers have their own jumper selection for on board control if desired.
  • Complex and thorough on board electronic short circuit protection prevent  nuisance circuit board failure due to accidental field wiring errors.
  • Power and control connection are located at the rear of the product to enable integrators to construct ‘plug & play’ mounting.
  • Same mounting footprint and mounting hole centers as the popular 50g Plasma Block.  The 10/20g chassis is a miniature version of the 50g unit.  This means that the general location for control connections, gas IN/OUT, cooling, etc. are the same.
  • Military grade conformal coating eliminates problems associated with condensation and mold as well as greatly retarding damaged caused by accidental ozone exposure.
  • Like all other Plasma Block products, the feed gas supply must be either PSA concentrator or bottle feed of at least -60°F dew point, filtered, positive-pressure oxygen.

Configuration options :
PTI will set up and tune units to the customers desired specifications.

Oxygen pressure - (5 - 100 psi) (UL 5x rated)
Oxygen flow liters/minute - ( .1 - 10 Lpm) or equivalent SCFH
Heat load btu/hr = 430 (10g) and 860 (20g)
Chassis (standard or alternate)
Inlet fittings (none, 1/4", other)
Outlet fittings (none, 1/4", other)
Weight Lbs (Kg) :

10gram unit 8.45 (3.84)   
20gram unit 8.75 (3.97)

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Installation Drawings

front back
front back
top bottom
top bottom
front back alt mount
front back alt mount
side alt mount
side alt mount
top alt mount
top alt mount