Unico Digital Inverter 1.1kW-500kW / 1105 Inverter

Unico Digital Inverter  1.1kW-500kW / 1105 Inverter

Product Summary

The 1105 digital AC inverter provides flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to a range of control needs. It combines the latest IGBT-based PWM and digital signal processor technologies with a revolutionary, patented digital current regulator to deliver optimum performance, full programmability, and simplicity of operation. It can be configured for either constant-load, variable-load, or extended-load applications.

Product Details


The 1105 digital AC inverter provides flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions to a range of control needs.  It combines the latest IGBT-based PWM and digital-signal processor technologies with a revolutionary, patented digital-current regulator to deliver optimum performance, full programmability, and simplicity of operation. Compact and rugged, the inverter comes as an open chassis or in a NEMA 4 enclosure. Either type can be foot-mounted to a sub-plate or flange-mounted through a cutout, to dissipate heat outside an enclosure.

Performance Flexibility

The 1105 offers performance capabilities to suit a broad range of applications where variable-frequency AC or conventional DC inverters are normally used. It can be configured for either constant-load, variable-load, or extended-load applications. A variety of general-purpose and application-engineered software options provide features optimized for specific customer requirements, such as blower and pump motors.

Digital Setup, Easy Operation:
The keypad and liquid crystal display provide a simple interface for setting and viewing operating parameters and diagnostics. All controller settings are made digitally through the keypad. Readouts and fault messages are displayed in plain language. A help feature provides on-line assistance at the touch of a button.

Power Quality
The 1105 includes a built-in link choke that provides near-unity overall power factor at all motor speeds as well as low harmonic line currents.

Protection and Advanced Diagnostics
The 1105 monitors its operating conditions and provides a comprehensive set of overload, short circuit, and other protective features. Faults are displayed in plain language along with the operating conditions at the time of occurrence. A log stores the last three faults as well as the buss voltage, motor current, output frequency, operating mode, and time of the most recent fault.

Serial Connectivity
The 1105 features a fully-isolated EIA RS-422/485 serial interface that allows a process control computer, building automation system, or other host computer to set up, monitor, and control the drive using an ANSI standard protocol. An EIA RS-232 port is also available for direct connection to most types of personal computers. Optional DF1 and RTU protocols allow direct connection to Allen-Bradley and Modicon programmable controllers.

Features and Benefits

   •  All-digital control for repeatable operation
   •  24-bit digital-signal processor (DSP) for fast, dynamic response
   •  8 kilobyte battery backup memory for application setup data
   •  48 kilobyte scratch pad memory and 1.5 megabyte firmware memory
   •  Clock/calendar maintains accurate time during power outage
   •  Sine-coded PWM or modified six-step waveform outputs for improved performance
   •  High-switching-frequency IGBT devices for smooth, quiet operation
   •  Digital current regulator for reduced fast response
   •  Internal control loop for maintaining output during sudden load changes
   •  Variable frequency control for simple applications
   •  Integral DC link choke for high power factor and low total harmonic distortion
   •  Power-loss ride-through for reducing nuisance trips
   •  Master-slave operation using either analog inputs or high-speed serial link
   •  User-programmable analog and digital inputs and outputs
   •  Ideal for applications requiring NEMA 4 enclosures

Ease of Installation, Setup, and Maintenance

   •  Automated setup features do not require chart recorders or meters
   •  Software calibration and adjustment eliminates tuning components
   •  Digital parameter adjustment for precise and repeatable settings
   •  Software input and output scaling eliminates potentiometers
   •  Complete, self-contained package requires minimal option boards
   •  Identical control boards across full power range reduce need for spare parts

Ease of Use

   •  Touch keypad for easy parameter adjustment and access to displays
   •  Two-line, descriptive, plain-language display
   •  Numerical readouts and bar graph display
   •  Comprehensive fault diagnostics displayed in plain language
   •  Real-time information and three-fault log
   •  Optional DriveLink™ software for managing multiple drives from a personal computer

Safe Reliable Operation

   •  Extensive electronic protection circuits
   •  Tolerant of AC line voltage and frequency fluctuations
   •  Multilevel security code prevents unauthorized parameter changes
   •  Lockout of local operator controls, for safe remote operation


Input Supply
Voltage                                     200 to 240 or 380 to 480 V AC, three-phase  
                                                Phase sequence insensitive
Voltage tolerance                       –10% of minimum, +10% of maximum
Frequency                                47 to 63 Hz
Power factor                             Displacement: 0.99 at all loads
                                               Overall: 0.94 at rated load

Output Rating

Voltage                                    Zero to input supply voltage, three-phase
Switching frequency                 Programmable from 2 to 10 kHz
Modifies six -step frequency     Programmable from 0 to 10 kHz

Service Conditions
Efficiency                                97% nominal at rated switching frequency
Overload current                           


Operating temperature             32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Storage temperature                5° to 158° F (–15° to 70° C)
Operating humidity                  95% maximum, non-condensing
Altitude                                  To 3,300 ft. (1,000 m) without de-rating


Frequency Control
Range                                     Zero to base speed at full current output
            PWM Sinewave                        Base speed to 300 Hz at constant power
            Six Step                                   0 to 10 Khz
Resolution                               0.20% with analog input (10-bit)

Hz with digital input

Inputs and Outputs

Analog Inputs
20 MHz control                                Three (3) 12-bit analog inputs (0 to +10 V DC, ±10 V DC, and 4 to 20 mA)
40 MHz control                                Three (3) 12-bit analog inputs (±10 VDC or 4 to 20 mA)

Analog Outputs
20 MHz control                                Two (2) 12-bit analog outputs (±10 VDC)
40 MHz control                                Two (2) 12-bit analog outputs (±10 VDC and 4 to 20 mA)

Digital Inputs
20 MHz control                                Eleven (11) digital inputs (sink of 1 mA to common)
40 MHz control                                Twelve (12) digital inputs (source of 8 mA from 24 VDC)

Digital Outputs
20 MHz control                               Three (3) standard digital outputs (Form C contact rated 250 VAC @ 5 A,
                                                           Form A contact rated 250 VAC @ 5 A, and open-collector driver rated 24 VDC @ 500 mA)
40 MHz logic I/O control                  Three (3) digital outputs (Form A contact rated 250 VAC @ 5 A)
40 MHz contact I/O control              Six (6) alternative digital outputs (open-collector drivers rated 24 VDC@ 500 mA)

Serial Communications

Asynchronous port                             EIA RS-232 and RS-422/485, isolated, 0.3 to 19.2 kbaud
                                                                ANSI-x3.28-2.5-A4 protocol standard; 
                                                                Optional Allen-Bradley DF1, Modicon RTU, and
                                                                Johnson Controls N2 protocols
Synchronous port                                EIA RS-485 for high-speed master/slave networking

Typical Parameters and Displays

Programmable Parameters

   • Set point                    • User I/O parameter selections        
   • Set point minimum      • S-ramp profile smoothing  
   • Set point maximum     • Switching frequency    
   • Set point units label,   • Master / slave select / source          
   • Scaling, precision       • Slave ratio / position phasing         
   • Set point source         • Keypad enable             
   • (3) skip frequencies    • Security code               
   • (3) skip bandwidths                                         
   • Minimum / maximum                                        
   • Current limit                                                    
   • Restart retries / delay                                       
   • Analog I/O scaling / polarity                              
   • User analog input mode                                         

Status Displays
   • Buss voltage              • Energy consumption    
   • Power factor               • Accumulated thermal load 
   • Output current            • Accumulated time run 
   • Output frequency        • Fault log and conditions 
   • Power consumption     • Input status


      •  Ground fault                                   •  Power transistor fault
      •  Output phase-to-phase short circuit  •     Logic power under-voltage
      •  DC buss over-voltage                      •  Remote command signal loss
      •  DC buss under-voltage                    •  Memory malfunction
      •  Instantaneous over-current              •  Processor not running fault
      •  Output overload                              •  Synchronous serial error
      •  Heat sink over-temperature           
      •  Ambient over-temperature    

Power Range









230 VAC

  1 1/2-1 5hp(1.1-11kW 2-20 hp (1.5-15kW --
380 VAC   1 1/2-25 hp(1.1-18kW) 2-30 hp (1.5-22kW  --
460 VAC   1 1/2-25 hp(1.1-18kW) 2-30 hp (1.5-22kW 25-40 hp (18-30 kW) 

Consult factory for other powers.  Other voltages require appropriate de-rating.

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Unico Digital Inverter  1.1kW-500kW / 1105 Inverter