SSD110 Solid State Drive 1.8kva - 3.6kva high frequency

SSD110 Solid State Drive 1.8kva - 3.6kva high frequency

Product Summary

A Micro-controller design that automatically determines the optimum system operating frequency (resonance). This product makes high-efficiency self optimizing systems available to everyone. Higher power capacity, enhanced controls and improved internal fault protection are the product’s cornerstones. An automatic buss voltage compensation circuit stabilizes the high voltage output.

Product Details

The SSD110 is a new, second-generation, Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) enhanced, single-phase inverter providing linear plasma control with a turn-down to 10%.  Higher power capacity, enhanced controls, improved internal fault protection and identical mounting are the product’s cornerstones.  With twice the usable power level of its predecessor, an extended frequency range and onboard controls to simplify installation, the new SSD110 is a great value.  An automatic buss voltage compensation circuit stabilizes the high voltage output.   PTI also has specifically designed transformers to mate with the SSD product series to provide a complete high voltage solution.


  • Ozone system variable frequency & voltage drive, NOx Conversion and Eximer Lamp supplies.
  • Corona Treatment and Static Eliminator systems.
  • Military applications requiring 400 hz (cycles per second).
  • Spindle-drive supplies requiring frequencies higher than normal PWM inverters can supply.
  • Variable-Speed Single-phase AC motor supplies, DC to Single-phase output conversion.


  • Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) for linear plasma control vs. command signal. Precision ozone level control to minimize bromates.
  • Normal frequency range from 5hz to 30khz, adjustable with 10-turn trimmer.
  • Selectable maximum frequency and maximum voltage at desired operating frequency.
  • Full pulse-by-pulse current limit control for all power output devices for reliable operation.
  • Master/Slave configuration jumper for multiple unit synchronizing via single controls.
  • Selectable automatic output compensation for input-line voltage variations.
  • Easy and complete computer and PLC interfacing; 4/20ma or 0-10v for Freq. & PDM.
  • Can accommodate either 0-5v or 0-10v full-scale input signal levels.
  • Output ON / OFF control using toggle switch or Push On / Push Off buttons.
  • Buffered TTL status signals for ‘Output Active’ and 1x clock for full PLC integration needs.
  • An extra unused op amp is available for customers’ custom-circuit tailoring needs.
  • Short input power loss ride-through stabilizes performance during line-voltage fluctuations.


  • Total flexibility built in.  Choose from: Onboard potentiometers, remote pots, 4/20ma or 0-10v control of PDM and Frequency. 
  • Automatic fault shutdown if control loop is broken.  A PLC voltage or current source can replace the adjustments normally obtained by potentiometers.
  • Solid-state logic provides safety interlock for ON / OFF and restart lock-out in the event of power loss. 
  • A user- selectable output compensation circuit maintains a relatively constant primary voltage as the input line-voltage fluctuates. 
  • Customer configurable op. amp. inputs are available at the barrier strip to enable customers the ability to scale, invert, mix and level shift control signals if necessary.

Example SSD110 Outputs

Full Frequency / Full RMS Voltage


Typical PDM Waveform


















Transformers /


SSD110/15 25.0 15.0 240 / 120 3.6 / 1.8



Input specifications

AC input 90 to 264 (VRMS) single-phase, 50/60hz. DC input voltage 120 to 373 (VDC).

Forced cooling may be required in addition to the provided fan, and is to be provided by customer.

Consult factory for pricing and availability of unlisted models.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

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